Watch DARPA plans to “trap” the drones in his own style

Defense advanced research projects agency (DARPA) has always been interested in drones and its related technology and now they are working on a project known as sidearm.

The project aims to catch their own drones in mid air before it touches the ground and we can also call it a air garage or air station. It will simply become a drones hotspot. DARPA’s main mission behind this is to land the drones in mid air in the places where there are narrow landing facility or no landing facility. It will create a scenario of Landing while actually not landing.

The setup

Instead of scraping across uneven ground, DARPA tapped Aurora Flight Sciences to create a crane that can be used to snatch drones out of the air. DARPA borrowed (and inverted) the tech that slows and traps the jets that land on aircraft carriers. As you can also see in the video above.

Another mission with this

DARPA’s goal for SideArm is to get this technology to the point where the drone launch and retrieval system can fit inside a shipping container, making it possible to move it by truck, ship, rail, C-130 airplane, or a CH-47 helicopter.

It’s a pretty cool stuff in a nutshell and soon we will see this traping cranes will put the land lonely from drone and will become drones new rest companion and not only in stopping them by trapping but even for launching them from the air which will again as we mentioned it will help the security agencies a lot to deploy the drones even the situation in which the conditions on the land are not friendly with the launch.


We all know DARPA as an research agency which continuously making sci-fiction stuff real and its fabulous jobs in the defense sector are always mesmerizing.





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