Free wifi zones to be set up at Everest base camps

This step is taken by the Nepal government to boost tourism and provide the best facility for climbers and their staff to stay connected to all. Even in a disaster situation. Simply its an awesome step to establish fast active internet connectivity on mount Everest.

This is the initial plan

Nepal government recently said that they will setup free WiFi facility and the initial first phase will be established at in Lukla-Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Base Camp. Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) Chairman Digambar Jha said in an event.

“We will expand this service in other areas too,” the Kathmandu Post quoted Jha as saying.

Other official statements

He also said that the the service will operate on the Okamura Model. The model suggests use of low-cost optical cable for high-speed internet.

This decision needs to be taken after Nepal’s Tourism industry was hit due to several avalanches triggered by earthquakes. Climbers at the Mount Everest base camp and others usually get trapped on the slopes and there is no active way to communicate with responses.


This is Why this step is very crucial

Internet connectivity always remains as a major issue specially in mountain regions due to lack of space and high money expenses and government never took this issue very seriously but this time what Nepal government is doing is great and they are also doing it for themselves because Mount Everest in the most visited and popular place in Nepal and it is one of the most popular place all around the globe and its also a giant source of income for Nepal government which they got paid by taxes. But whatever the reasons are the outcome will be comfortable as hoped.

In past times any incidents, including the avalanche that hit the Everest base camp post the 2015 Nepal earthquake, rescue teams reached the trapped people late, leading to deaths.




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