Hundreds of Oculus Rift demo stations are closing at this major US retailer!

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Oculus has changed the world and disrupted the tech business world by their innovation of virtual reality gadget known as ‘Oculus rift’.

There are Bestbuy stores in the US where you can walk in and they will provide on the spot experience of how it like to be a oculus rift user by letting people to use it for free on the spot. In short sense we can cal them free oculus-rift popups.

A great marketing strategy it is great as the people know more about. But it now come under spotlight that the number of BestBuy stores with these so-called pop ups is about to be very less: Oculus is shutting down 200 of its 500 demo station in Best Buy stores, as first reported by Business Insider and confirmed by Oculus itself.

This is the reason

Bad store performance is the reason behind the closure. And another reports also stated that it is also due to days between employees giving a single VR demonstration to customers took to much time. Another practical reason related to this is number of people started visiting those popups at the store in Christmas times but the sales are opposite of it. Simply the sales re very less and not even good.

Another reason related to this  as this worker inside the store  – “They didn’t press on selling, “Their main thing was to have us do demonstrations and get people talking about Oculus.”

After the reports of store shutting down pops out the media reached to Oculus team where Oculus spokesperson Andrea Schubert confirmed the Facebook-owned company is making the move. Oculus team also stated that “We’re making some seasonal changes and prioritizing demos at hundreds of Best Buy locations in larger markets,” Schubert said in a statement. “You can still request Rift demos at hundreds of Best Buy stores in the US and Canada.”

“We still believe the best way to learn about VR is through a live demo,” she continued. “We’re going to find opportunities to do regular events and pop ups in retail locations and local communities throughout the year.”



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