What Will Happen If Internet Stopped For A Day!

No internet for a day

Catastrophe!!!!! Disaster!!!!! Tsunami!!!! Destruction!!!!

We took Internet for granted.

“One of the biggest problems with the internet today is that people take it for granted – yet they don’t understand the degree to which we’ve allowed it to infiltrate almost every aspect of our lives,” says William Dutton at Michigan State University, who is the author of the book Society and the Internet. “They don’t even think about not having access to it.”

In 1995, fewer than 1% of the world’s population was online. The internet was a curiosity, used mostly by people in the West. Fast-forward 20 years and today more than 3.5bn people have an internet connection – nearly half of all humans on the planet – and the number is growing at a rate of around 10 people a second.

Yes, Not even that more more more worst could happen if Internet stopped for a day. If you think it will not affect that much then forget rest of the world and think about you.

Some of the things will happen if Internet stops for a day.

1 . Can you leave Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Snapchat,YouTube,Whatsapp for a day. Maybe Yes, but wait we are carrying on

2 . An error code 404 means problems in internet connectivity but imagine a day without any Internet!

3. Remote hospitals cant communicate with hospitals and their services.

4. Every surveillance programme cant be operated. It has both good and worst impact by the way.

5. Majority of the defense facilities will be affected.

6. You cant communicate freely with anyone who needs your help.

7. All information gathering and transferring will be stopped.

8. No money transaction could be performed online.

9. A black day for all E-wallets.

10. No Bitcoin mining or exchange will occur.

11. There will be no DarkWeb on that day. Because there is not even a web on that day. Cmon.

12. It will become a death like day for all internet companies including the whole advertising market which is worth of 650 Billion USD alone. Yes, Its a billion with a “B” .

13 . No official or personal statement can be shared or delivered by any government.

14. If a natural disaster will happen on that day then we are saying you REST IN PEACE in advance.

We are sorry guys but we have to say that the list goes on to thousands of disaster which will happen in a day and moreover then that it will effect the world economy so badly that a huge recession period will again came. Yes, It all can occur in a single day without Internet! This is not even the 1% destruction which will happen without no internet for a day.




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