This robot can turn you into a beast!

We all love transformers and what if we tell you now you can become a super human yourself with this super fantastic Gurdian GT Big arm system. But wait….

The Guardian GT – Big Arm system is Sarcos’s technical solution to the 40 to 400 pounds “lift gap” that exists in many commercial, industrial, and first responder environments. The system builds on concepts and technologies developed to augment the strength of the operator.

1. Configuration: The Guardian GT – Big Arm system is a single, or dual-armed, human-controlled robot mounted on an agile tracked vehicle base. Each 7-foot arm has 7 Degrees of Freedom (DOFs), plus a task set-specific end effector, and can reach objects up to four feet in front of the mobile platform. The system can be used as shown, or controlled remotely with a fiber optic or RF link.

2. Payload: A dual-armed system can lift payloads up to 400 lbs anywhere in its workspace and move/transport/position them dexterously, with minimal effort.

3. Mobile Base + Power: Modified COTS tracked base. Current platform uses a diesel-fueled engine and can travel at 4 mph.

4. Control: Guardian GT – Big Arm is a master-slave tele-operation system that is kinematically equivalent to the operator. The slave arms move every way the operators arm move and the operator feels the scaled forces experienced by the slave (high fidelity force reflection). As a result, the system is intuitive, robust and safe to operate.

5. Additional Benefits: (1) Minimal Training required (intuitive to use), (2) Operator is out of the work space (increased safety), and (3) Faster, more efficient handling of otherwise difficult to manipulate objects.

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A little sad thing is that Its not for you right now

But for these purposes

Commercial and Industrial Applications:

  • Handling heavy material, including sheet metal (Metal Fabrication, Ship Building)
  • Welding, grinding, application of protective coatings, inspection
  • Performing placement functions of high-weight components in aid of logistics, assembly and/or joining
  • Combine advantages of humans (ability to operate in complex and unstructured environment) with the advantages provided by robots (strength, stamina, repeatability, precision, speed)
  • Nuclear Reactor Inspection & Maintenance (remote tele-operation)
  • Petroleum Industry, Construction, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

First responder and Logistics Applications:

  • Palletizing and de-palletizing
  • Loading and unloading supplies
  • Shipboard and in-field logistics
  • Erecting temporary shelters
  • Equipment repairs
  • Disaster recovery/humanitarian assistance (moving rocks and debris in a controlled manner, Med-Evac)

Coming to the cost

It is estimated that it could cost you upto 400,0000$ !!

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1 Comment

  1. Yadwinder singh

    February 13, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    I am so much fasicinated by this it’s amazing👌🏼👌🏼😀😀

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