Top 5 Indian surveillance programme that are watching every activity from 132 years

Indian secret surveillance programmes

Don’t blame NSA or GCHQ all the time.Even in India Surveillance programmes are running in from past 132 years in the most secretive ways that even they are not classified that much but still they are not under spotlight.

Every single moment our Internet activists start trolling and complaining and protesting against unwanted and illegal surveillance programmes by the government which is absolutely correct

Here we want to say that surveillance progammes are not bad apart from that they are extremely important for a Country’s security. But when it surpasses the limit and become unwanted illegal spying on the citizens then even if it is from any government it is bad.

Here we want to name a describe in brief about top Indian surveillance programmes which are in run from 1885 which is yes, 132 years!

So here are some “MADE IN INDIA” surveillance programmes

1. Central Monitoring System Project (CMS) – Recently labelled as top 3 worst online spies. Here the worst means most ‘bad-ass’.

2. DRDO Netra (नेत्र)  Reportedly the system can detect selective words like Bomb , Blast , attack or kill. And it will detect those words from Emails, Your social media status , Instant messages and tweets. Which simply means whenever you or anyone type those words and post or send them then the NETRA system activates a do a quick cross check on you and your history.

3. Lawful Intercept And Monitoring Project (LIM) – Used by the Indian government to intercept records of voice,SMS’s GPRS data, details of a subscriber’s application and recharge history and call detail records (CDR) moreover monitor Internet traffic, Emails ,web browsing , Skype and other Indian activity of Indian user.

4. National Cyber Coordination Center (NCCC) – A proposed cyber-security and e-surveillance project in India that could operate with limitless authority and without any legal framework.

5. Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring project (TERM) – This is the vigilance and monitoring wing of the Department of Telecommunications.

After Reading this hope you got that even in India, Surveillance is that much superior and kept that much power as any other big brother type nation.











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