PSLV-37 Is Launched Successfully And All Satellites Are Deployed

ISRO succefully launched its PSLV37 and deployed 104 Satellites from different-different countries in to space

#SaluteISRO And We Congratulate ISRO and the whole India. Proud moment for all Indians.

India Make a world record and beaten Russia. Russia world record was 37 satellites in one go. And India beaten Russia and become NO.1 country to do this. Marvelous!

ISRO Successfully launched and deployed all its 104 Satellites from different-different countries into deep space.

The Launch was initialized about 9:30 AM Approx and took 25-30 minutes to dive its satellites into deep space.  From Satish Dhawan space research station Shri Harikota, Andhra pradesh. And there are 80 Satellites of An America Private company. And other from Israel, Kazakhstan , Netherland , United Arab Emirates (UAE) , Switzerland.

Know little about

The PSLV C37 mission, deploy a remarkable 104 satellites into a polar Sun-synchronous orbit around Earth. Among them are India’s first nano-satellites, the fourth satellite of the Cartosat 2 series and American company Planet’s fleet of 88 Earth-imaging Doves. ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar has said the organisation is not gunning for records as much trying to keep spending down by utilising the PSLV’s full potential to launch as many satellites as possible at a time. The launch will take place at Sriharikota at 9:28 am, and the PSLV will (attempt to) lift off in its XL configuration – i.e. with six solid-fuel strap-on boosters for additional heft.


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