this is how free games are making money

This is how free games are making money

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Did you ever imagined how your favorite games are making money? We will tell you in this article and the reason you might be imagining is completely opposite. 

When Pokemon Go was released it make more money than any other app present on google and Apple app store. It’s already earned 14 million $ in less than a week! But users don’t have to pay a cent for the game. 

So where the money is coming from?

All that money was coming from optional purchases. this is the world of “freemium” apps – a business model that, in the past few years, has largely wiped out the market for paid games.

Now the game designers have to monetize the gameplay. And one way to do that is by applying some fundamental lessons of behavioral psychology. So what it is?

Don’t worry we will tell you step by step.

how free games are making money

No one really likes paid games… I repeat.. No one


Technique no.1 – The first thing these games do is setup a virtual currency so that it doesn’t feel like you’re spending real currency, even though you are. This is a variation something we’ve known for decades – which is that people find it harder to spend money when they are playing in cash than if they’re using a card. When you pay cash for something, you see it leave your hands and you get a very immediate sense of how much cash reserves have dropped,how much your wealth has dropped.

games setup virtual currencies to manipuate the mindset and make money

Its all about the game of manipulating mindset


Technique no.2 – Games yet add another layer

You pay for lollipop boosters for gold bars and gold bars from your credit card, which is already distanced from actual payment.

how free games are making money

How intelligent they are.. How dumb we are… wait … It’s all about psychology


Another Backatge story

And then on the top of that they don’t make the exchange rate simple. It’s not 50 gems for 50 cents. It is kind weird that one dollar= 12 purple diamonds.

how free games are making money

Again i will say its weird that one dollar= 12 purple diamonds.


It is same like when a tourist in abroad spending something on something he is not familiar with.

For example – If incense costs 80 pokecoins and a batch of 550 pokecoins costs $4.99, how much real money does incense cost? yes, i also dont know. Maybe 73$!

how free games are making money

Omg.. Math!! I am running away

So you are spending money on something which is not even real and it take seconds to do that because once you added your card to playstore you can commit instant checkouts the whole process is painless but the further gameplay will be again painful.

Suppose you have spend like 5$ on something and you loose again and again and then a pop-out appears saying, if you die this time your all bought gems or candies will be lost and if you want to stop it you have to buy a save gameplay option just for 1.99$. 


Technique no.3 – Other developers actively embed inconvenience into the game, so you can purchase inconvenience. In Dead trigger 2 and clash of clans, every time you jump to the ext level it will take a wait time for example 1 hour,but are skippable,for a price. 

Ultimately though, only a tiny percentage of players actually become ‘payers’. And a small percentage of payers are those so called ‘whales’ people who will spend hundreds,sometimes thousands of dollars in the app.

The marketing firm known as ‘swrve’ estimates that about half of the revenue for mobile games is coming from less than a half of a percent of all players.

how free games are making money

SWRVE reports estimates that about half of the revenue for mobile games is coming from less than a half of a percent of all players.


Along with that they keep tracking the habits of the players on their games. For example most used feature and when you exit and how much tie you spend on a particular level. this all helps them to generate a new plan of monetization on that game. And that is why when you start playing a game very less after a time then the game strt notifying you the discounts. 

So guys it is the real “GAMEPLAY”



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This is how free games are making money
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