The 3 Sectors Which Will Make Big Impact Future Of Humanity

The 3 Sectors Which Will Make Big Impact On The Future Of Humanity

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We are heading towards the future and we are watching Entrepreneurs and Startups heading towards with progressions in Software and Hardware but what is the real stuff out there which will affect the future of humanity the most?


1. Sustainable Energy

The 3 Sectors Which Will Make Big  Impact On The Future Of Humanity

Elon Musk Presenting Solar Roof Which Are Way Better than Traditional Roofs which can store immense amount of energy from Sun and will supply to run every appliance on your house


It’s not a doubt why sustainable energy makes a big difference to the future. There are 2 main reasons why it make sense and why it is highly important to do.

Reason 1 We are Destroying our finite energy resources and putting all to an end very soon. And we are destroying our planet in a very delighted manner. As Elon Musk once said

“We are running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe.” –Elon Musk

And not only it is good for the future of humanity but apart from that it is a gate to billions of dollars.. Yeah! Its B for Billion. It is a common fact that a great company needs a great leader and a great team first but when this sector find these two key factor then it will turn into a gold or we can say diamond mine for the entrepreneur.

Reason 2 – If We want to Live beyond planet earth then for sure sustainable energy plays a giant role and yes it does make a difference. Living in Moon,Mars or on any celestial body or space object or spaceship needs a sustainable energy for a continuous means of fuel and there you cant make coal or petrol or something finite as your first choice.

SolarCity and Tesla motors are the leading Companies Lead BY Elon Musk are the companies who are really setting up examples by making advancement and making sustainable energy widespread.


2. Making Life Multi-Planetary 

The 3 Sectors Which Will Make Big  Impact On The Future Of Humanity

Being A Multi-planetary simply means humanity’s god mode activated

Ofcourse it make sense alot. Being a multi planetary specie is too much important as we are polluting our planet earth we do need any another planet or outer space environment so we can colonize it and setup new stuff out there and begin a new lifestyle or a extra and advance settlement and it open the gateway full of opportunities because being a multi-planetary specie means a grand of grand opportunity for all significant sectors to step in to the new habitat to help together to build a comfortable and way better lifestyle outside earth.

Elon Musk Private Space Company is SpaceX is already going forward into this massive step and pledged to send people to mars  and start its colonization from 2030. And sending 2 citizens to moon in 2018.


3. Internet


The 3 Sectors Which Will Make Big  Impact On The Future Of Humanity

The stage of Today’s Internet is still fixed with boundation if it get fixed with new foundation then welcome to the Future and Welcome to the Multi-Billionaire

The Capability of Internet is tremendous in a single mini second it helps someone to make millions and billions and help somebody to stay connected to information and for someone it is the most significant way to stay connected to the whole world and people. The Capabilities of Internet is still hidden and full with boundations of traditional structure but once the change is influenced then trust me it can change the whole universe structure in the future whether we are on Mars or moon or anywhere millions and billions miles away in the limitless universe. Sounds crazy right? Well that is why i said boundations and there are once it get removed then a glittering future is there for which i have no words to explain more.

Issued In Public Interest – All These Sectors can Make A New Billionaires and some are already  ; )









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The 3 Sectors Which Will Make Big Impact On The Future Of Humanity
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