The One Main Reason People Get Hacked

This Is The One Main Reason People Get Hacked

The One Main Reason People Get Hacked.

Well Hi Guys, you may hearing news oh Hack Attacks happening around you. And maybe some already happened with your friend,spouse, family member etc. But What is the one common reason people fall to Cyber criminal attacks? Well there are plenty of reasons but One reason which Combine them all is “Ignorance”.

The One Main Reason People Get Hacked

Ignorance plays key role in any hack attack and it all done by you. Whether it is thy previous giant Hack attack on SONY or a Hack attack on a kids next door Ignorance Always plays a Key role. One of its example is what happened with SONY.

SONY entertainments  is the leading media and worth billions of dollars. But a year ago the company became victim of this decade worst cyber attack. And their unreleased movies are available for download for free and it cause them loss of millions and billions.

In SONY case Ignorance plays a vital role in success of this attack. After investigation has been done it came into notice that 4 days before attack their employees starting to get the threat of the hack attack. But neither they responded to them nor they reported to their seniors or concerned branch.

And Isn’t same with normal beings. We have PC and laptops and we download movies from the internet for free but never thought a single time that what the movies file contain in extras. For Example suppose you download a movie or a game from pirate bay via Utorrent or any other client. SO after downloading when you open the folder and watch the movie majority of the time you never noticed that what are the files including withing the bundled file of the movie.

Majority of the Movies and stuff you downloads from pirate sites contains malicious rootkits , spywares which will evade into your privacy and have an ability to take all your private life on your devices directly open to public on the internet or may use it for any notorious purpose. Those malicious files which seems like a folder but when you check their type they are applications and you not even  scanned or deleted them and sending same in the pendrive of your friend. And this is just one tiny example of ignorance we do every single day.

I always stands on one point while talking about hack attacks and that is ” It doesn’t matter if you are using a 10-20 years old rotten hack technique because if  people still get fall victim to it then its quite good or great”

Nothing is 100% Hackproof ever, but you can save your self most of the time from hack attacks if you delete Ignorance from your brain’s root Directory.


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