A Simple Guide To Marketing Or Selling Something, And it's Not Rocket Science But Common Sense

A Simple Guide To Marketing Or Selling Something, And it’s Not Rocket Science But Common Sense

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A Simple Guide To Marketing Or Selling Something, And it’s not Rocket Science But Common Sense! (Which is very rare today) So Here is the Ground Reporting

Many Of the People ask me that should they step into marketing or sales field? Because this is something where their qualification can be neglected but a point to remember here is that , it is an ‘action’ work . Which explains it all.

No Degree , No Educations merits certificates  work here, unless you have strategies with an applied Common Sense to how to sell your product. So lets begin.

Never Say “please” – This is the biggest mistake majority of the people do, being humble is not a bad thing but saying please to someone to buy your product or use your service is awkward and 99% chances are he will not use your service or product or will use but not in long run. Its same like begging. we hate beggars and whenever we saw their poor situation we gave them some cents or a single dollar or rupee. So the Simple Funda is when you say please you simply downgrade your product or service and even yourself in-front of others and they will not show much interest or any interest in your services. 

I have seen this Please words almost everywhere, For example when a song is released the people who shares it on Social media write over that song is ” Please Share this song”…. Are you kidding me ? The Line Should be Like This “Hey This Is My New Song .. Keep Sharing … Keep Loving.. I Love You all .  This sounds best and feel quite humble than saying Please. So Do it with the mixture of Confidence+Being Humble+Attitude. If You believe in Your product then why you have to say please to another person whom you are selling to? Have you ever watched Steve Jobs saying on Apple Keynotes that please please buy this Iphone. Never..right.. because he believes his products and services and rest is upon to the customer feedback.

 Know The Needs – Remember that Scene in wolf Of the wall street where Leonardo give a pen to different candidates and told them “Sell me this pen ” And people fail then Leonardo give pen to an another person, the man grabs the pen  from his hands and ask for his autograph and boom Leonardo has no pen right then and a that person want his autograph. So Irony lies here Leonardo has to purchase the pen from that man. And This is what exactly you have to do when selling something. You have to Know the needs of the customer. A pen who can write upto ten thousand miles doesn’t matter for a person who have already one. So when you find your correct target or purchase sell product according to their need then you are going to make successful deal every single time.

Present It Like a Million Dollar Idea – In Sales or even in marketing something, you have to present it as it is a million dollar idea. For example suppose you are out to sell a pencil. So how will you sell it ? If you gonna tell me that you will tell its feature like It is long,durable,dark but on that time you just selling it like any ordinary shopkeeper but when it comes to you and you start a startup or a company or have a single product or service to sell then you have to present as it is a next million dollar idea because the stakes are high and if you dont do it then don’t expect that the investor will look for you or will show any interest in your product or service. So while presenting something present it like a next million dollar idea.

Perfect Timing –  This is a very important thing which nobody cares about and then they think that why their product or service fail. So let me tell you. There was an entrepreneur who started a video streaming website in 2002-2003 around and it was the first video streaming website on that time. So now You may  be thinking that what it is ? or how big is that company today?  So let me tell you that company failed in a year. Sounds strange right? because it was the first video streaming website and on that time there are no such big competition so why it still fails. So the answer is “Bad Timing” .

So let me explain you simply why its a bad timing, When the person launched that video streaming website the internet was not so widespread and the speed penetration of the internet was so slow. So Because of low speed and not much availability of Internet their “Great and unique” idea fails and the interesting point is that in 2005 a video streaming website launched which become so popular and has billions in net worth and that was YouTube . So this is the reason why that company fails and YouTube become successful , Its about perfect timing. YouTube launched while the internet become wide spread with good speed penetration which helps user to view the content with comfort and the people on the internet also increased so perfect timing was the reason of YouTube success.

So these are some points you should know while setting your self in marketing or Sales because as i told you earlier it’s selling time….it’s marketing time “Actions Speaks there” Only Actions.

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A Simple Guide To Marketing Or Selling Something, And it’s Not Rocket Science But Common Sense
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