What is Blacbox? And How Does It Works? Explained

What is Blacbox? And How Does It Works? Explained

When any Airplane accident happen like, whenever it crashes or blast or destroyed or damaged etc. Then the investigator uses the Blacbox to continue the investigation but What is Blackbox? And how does it works? 

What the press call the “Blackbox” is actually 2 orange flight recorders. The Idea dates back to the 1950’s, when the first commercial jet had 5 accidents in its first two years of passenger Service, and investigators realized how useful it would be to have record of what was happening on the plane before the plane crash.

Early generations of flight recorders etched the data on to metal foil. By the 1970’s they switched to magnetic tape, and by the 90’s, solid state memory chips.

What is Blacbox? And How Does It Works? Explained

This is the kind of Metal Foil used in early blacboxes


But Overall the concept has remained basically the same, with 2 components:


  1. The Cockpit voice Recorder – It stores the last 2 hours of sounds from cockpit and from the Pilot’s headset microphone, on four different channels. In Some cases these audio recording alone can reveal what happened, as they did when a Germanwings flight crashed into the French Alps in 2015. 
  2. But Sometimes its not sufficient for the investigators to investigate further clues from only the voice Recorder  so they take help of the another part of the blackbox, called flight data recorder. It captures atleast 88 types of data about the plane’s position and instruments for the past 25 hours. The data feeds into computer animation of what happened before the recorder lost power. And then the conclusion become too close by which investigators came to know what actually happened to cause the accident of the flight.


Because of the blackbox, authorities can decide whether the accident caused due to a terrorism act or it was a technical error or pilot’s mistake.

The Position of the Blackbox

The recorders are installed near the tale of the planes where the force of impact is somewhat lessened. And the memory boards are kept in steel or titanium cases and surrounded by materials that protect against high temperatures. often, the rest of the box destroyed, but that doesn’t matter as long as the memory is intact.

What is Blacbox? And How Does It Works? Explained


Ofcourse, the flight recorder that are never found are useless. They do have a beacon that activates underwater and send an ultrasound signal every second for 30 days. That Signal can travel through 14 thousand feet of water. But as the missing flight MH 370 showed, sometimes investigators aren’t even within that range.

New Implementations suggested 

Some have proposed new system that don’t leave data on the plane, but rather transmit it in real time to Satellites or ground stations. There are privacy and cost concerns to consider, but the future, they might not need to find a box, in order to find the answers that investigators and families need.

Reference – Vox.com

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What is Blacbox? And How Does It Works? Explained
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