How Difficult It Is To Write An Article/Blog Post For A Blogger

How Difficult It Is To Write An Article/Blog Post For A Blogger

Blog post is the new version of what we also called articles but articles are evolved from article to blog post , let me explain

Articles are everyone’s favorite. From a century we are reading them. At first they are on the newspapers. Then they evolved and also took place on magazine in a very short period and now we all read blogs which seems quite interesting and easy to access for free.

What you see as an article/blog post you see the final product of the content writer which he delivers to you at his best, on the other hand whats going on the Back-end is a different part of the story.

When i say back-end i simply means working on the blog’s Dashboard. Where me and bloggers like me write their content continuously leaving their comfort zone aside. So these are some things we are doing at the back end to deliver the best of our to you.

Choosing A Story

Choosing A Story is one of the mind aching thing bloggers suffer daily because having a blog is having on a very tough competition where you have to compete with millions of websites and then there are thousand who shares the same interest as your blog. So it is quite difficult for a blogger that which story he/she should write on which will entertain and give information to the reader at the same time. Sometimes due to Lack of content for a day we have to get 1 or two articles from another blog but we never fail to mention the credits to their respective writer and the respective blog link if this happens.

How Difficult It Is To Write An Article/Blog post

As a blogger we think ten multiple times that what topic we should choose to get the readers excited.

Managing the Quantity and Quality of Blog posts per Day

Quantity and quality means both topic and length of topic. If a blogger wants nice traffic to his/her website then he knows that managing the quantity and quality is extremely important. When a Blogger come to his blog on another day and start typing the blog post then he makes himself multiple time sure that what he is writing should be more than 350 to 400 words and on the same time the topic should be very clear to the reader which means he don’t want to compromise with both quantity of words on a blog and he make sure that the content should not go out of topic in the race of words count. 

How Difficult It Is To Write An Article/Blog post

Before Writing the blog post and after writing the blog post. We go through it nearby multiple times to check the errors and required editing in the quality and quantity of words and the full post length before publishing it publicly.

Managing The Readability

A post is nothing until it is so easy for the user to read and understand it . Because blogger may have different set of taste of words while writing. So we have to take care to get a good readability score if we want people to stay with the post for longer and want to build up real audience.

How Difficult It Is To Write An Article/Blog post

Readability is a major factor to build real time audience.


Managing SEO On Blog Posts

SEO Means (Search Engine Optimization). Let me make it simple for you. When we write a blog post after writing it and before publishing it to the public we use some SEO tools to improvise the blog post according to the SEO requirements. If we get good SEO score after writing the blog post then it means our article is going to ranked upon in good standing in  the search results of Google,Yahoo,Bing etc. And when someone search about the same thing which we have already written then our blog will be also there in his search results and If SEO score is bad and we did not customize the blog post according to SEO requirements  then it doesn’t matter how good the article is the person will not get our post in his google search result. And SEO Optimization do affect the traffic coming from organic search.

How Difficult It Is To Write An Article/Blog post

Who does not want a good SEO score? We as Bloggers Do daily tweaks to our Bog post to get good SEO score to rank our Post on Major Search Engines.

Managing the Tech End

Its the another very major task we handles twice or thrice a week. managing the tech end work simply means managing the plugins we add ,updating those plugins, updating site code when needed , And sometimes due to any error or glitch the website went down so we have to check and repair it too fast. managing the ad network and ad positions etc. Today with lots of automated tools it became quite easy to handle the tech end but it still a challenge while writing 4-5 blog post daily and then managing the tech end work before, after and between it. Because the technical glitch can occur anytime so we have to get ready for it.

How Difficult It Is To Write An Article/Blog post

Yes, Do More Because writing a blog post and managing its SEO and Readability is not enough because the work is need to be done on the tech end to let it all work smoothly.


Personally i love blogging and as it let me independent share my work to the world but this also need to be shared with people so they can know what happens at the back end and this is all we experience daily while Writing a blog post.







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How Difficult It Is To Write An Article/Blog Post For A Blogger
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