Some McDonald’s Food Items You Never Seen

Some McDonald’s Foods You Never Seen

McDonald’s is an international food chain which feeds more people on daily basis than the entire population of United Kingdom. We all love McDonald’s and we all want to try something different every time we visit it.

McDonald’s most famous items are Burger and Fries. But it have Different items and different menus for every country. Now here, We are going to List some of its Dishes and Products you never have seen. You will be damned to see these Foods.

1.  Frozen Coke & Fanta – “Australia”.


 Some McDonald’s Foods You Never Seen

In Australia, You can have Frozen cold drinks. Well if they are frozen then technically they are not cold drinks any more. But in australia Mcdonald’s Menu have this Frozen drinks. They are very popular and tasty. It seems yummy!, hey wait, for sure it is yummy.


2. Oreo Cone – “Argentina” 

Some McDonald’s Foods You Never Seen

If you are in Argentina, then you can have the fortune to have McDonald’s tasty Oreo cone. This is a sweet ice cream with Oreo flavor in it. This cone is more expensive than any other simple cone but who cares, this tasty cone deserves it.


3. Green Tea Latte – “Korea”

Some McDonald’s Foods You Never Seen

Green tea is very beneficial for health. Most people find it difficult to drink due to its strong taste. But Imagine if you can have in style and in a tasty way. Then in korea you can have this Green Tea Latte. McDonald’s is offering green tea in their menu in south korea. Health with taste & style.


4. Bubblegum Squash McFlurry – “New Zealand”. 

Some McDonald’s Foods You Never Seen

It seems Mcdonald’s is giving a special treatment New Zealand people. They are serving Bubblegum Squash McFlurry in their restaurants. Bubblegum Squash McFlurry contains Bubblegum Flavored Syrup and Mini Marshmallows which are mixed into our favorite Soft Serve. That seems so tasty!!


5. McDonald’s Beer – “Germany”

Some McDonald’s Foods You Never Seen

We all have been told that Mcdonald’s serves only non alcoholic drinks but wait, In Germany they serve beers. Yes that is true, in Germany beer is very common so in Mcdonald’s they serve beer .


6. Mac Floats from McDonald’s Japan Soda water, fruit juice, and softy serve

 Some McDonald’s Foods You Never Seen

Let me Guess It’s a smoothie … no no .. It’s an Ice-cream no no no no…. It’s a cold drink… huhhhh.. Well Japan and McDonald’s both never missed a chance to amaze the world and see this time too this is actually a Mac Floats from McDonald’s Japan Soda which consists of water, fruit juice,and softy serve.


7.  McDonald’s cheese stuffed breaded bites- “Morocco”.

Some McDonald’s Foods You Never Seen

Love cheese stuffed breaded bites? What if you can have them in McDonald’s. Awesome, Isn’t it? Yes in Morocco you can eat McDonald’s cheese stuffed breaded bites. They are well popular in Morocco. We don’t know why they are not available in other countries. But we are sure if they can make them available in other countries, For sure they must get hit same as their burgers.


Source – unbworld, McDonald’s

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