Avoid These Mistakes While Running A Business


Business is like jumping from a mountain cliff and start making parachute on the way.

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” – Stephen R. Covey

Don’t do reactive work first

We all do same things everytime we first wake up, immediately then we check the email and get swallowed by the minutia of the day. Successful people, however, know that they only have several highly productive hours in the day, in which they do creative work first. According to Dan Ariely, a Duke University professor of psychology and behavioral economics, most people have the highest cognitive functioning in the first two hours after they’re fully awake. Instead of using this time on the tasks that require energy and creativity, most people spend time taking care of the quick and easy things, reactive work. That is a huge mistake. Not only because of the fact that those hours are highly productive, but also because it’s more likely that unexpected things come up as the day progresses and won’t allow you to fully concentrate on the important, strategic tasks.

Do not create a to do list

Items on the to-do list don’t have a deadline assigned to them. One tends to choose completing the easy tasks on the list first, instead of important ones. To-do lists cause unnecessary stress, as it’s a constant reminder of all the things you still haven’t finished.

According to a report 41% of to-do list items are never completed. Instead of making a to do list productive people make themselves calendar bounded not time bounded. calendar bounded people know the goals of the month which will make a difference in his life and company. So avoid creating a daily to do list while running a business.

Know when to say “NO”

In business you may found opportunities which maybe good or better for you but you have to recognize them by thinking its impact on the present and future of your company and have to analyze its pros and cons and the you should decide that whether you have to say no or yes because as a leader you have to say “NO” without any guilt when needed.

Don’t burn midnight oil

They know when enough is enough. Like athletes, who listen very closely to their own bodies, successful people know their limits and when to quit. They know that getting enough sleep and getting regular exercise are not time “wasters” and will only increase their productivity. And not just that, they know the value of prioritizing their lives holistically.

Sheryl Sandberg leaves office at 5:30pm every day to catch dinner with her kids at 6pm.

President Bush found time to read 95 books in one year.

Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell’s Soup, used to send 20 handwritten thank you notes a day.

Andy Grove, former Intel president, used to say: “My day ends when I am tired and ready to go home, not when I’m done. I am never done. There is always more to be done, more that should be done, always more than can be done.”

Don’t do anything until you can do it better, faster, cheaper

Yeah, That is what the point is if you are delivering same services with same values and applying same expenditures then your business is not going to change anything. Then it will just act like as a normal confectionery store.

reference – Forbes




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