“Two Pizza Rule” Of Amazon Founder And CEO Jeff Bezos-Explained


If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas it’s too large

– Jeff Bezos (Founder And CEO


To Define Jeff Bezos two pizza rule, simply it is –

The more people there are, the less productive most meetings will be.

Jeff Bezos of fame hates large teams, especially those given to over-communication. While this might sound counter intuitive, given the importance of communication, think of it this way: the points of communication rise exponentially as the team size does. The more people on the team, the more paths of communication, which slows down productivity.

That’s why Bezos has proposed his famous two-pizza rule: if you can’t feed your team with two large pizzas in a meeting, you’re in trouble.

Suppose you organized a meeting or organized a team and invited tons of people in it  and told them to give their suggestions on the project, see what will happen next is a complete disaster to the company. The result of inviting so much people in a team or in a meeting result nothing but time waste because the more people are there the variety and mass views they will deliver and it will make a useless ending at all time and decrease productivity simply “just words no work”. So the loop holes in the product and team will be always remain there.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has a solution for this problem. He calls it the “two pizza rule” : Never have a meeting where two pizzas couldn’t feed the entire group.

In fact, Bezos advises to only have meetings when absolutely necessary.

“[Bezos] wanted a decentralized, even disorganized company where independent ideas would prevail over groupthink, writes Richard Brandt.

In The WSJ profile, Brandt interviews a former Amazon executive who recalls Bezos saying “communication is terrible!” during an offsite retreat.

So this is what Mr.Bezos have to say about his “Two Pizza Rule” Which for sure increase productivity in a team and it leads teamwork in a right direction.



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