What Should Be A Goal For You In Real Sense

When you say you have a goal in your life or you have an undying ambition or something like that you are actually pasting yourself with that goal, that connection may be temporary and maybe permanent and its all upon to you.

Goal, a word that can take our life to a complete opposite direction. And the base of goal is believe.

It something which sets us apart from the rest.. Yeah for sure, but what is the actual attitude and matter of facts which convert a goal in to an undying eternal flame? Why i am saying this because every person on this planet wants to achieve something but only few get it and other just waste rest of their life saying he has a good fate or he became successful overnight.

At first I Just want to tell you that a great goal can’t be achieved overnight, It takes your sweat and your ability to pass through the grunge.

These are the things which makes a real undying goal

1. Reason (If you don’t know why you are doing it then why you are doing it?)

Yeah It’s Reason. And let me take you straight to the fact. Suppose someone’s friend of friend have cancer and somehow the third person get to know about that, now what will happen next, that person will present his sorrow for a little time and get back to your regular work. And that’s all people are dying with cancer. Now there is a person whose loved one lost his life because of this terrible disease then he will decide that he will cure this cancer from the root so that the another person will not lost the precious life as his loved one lost. And he will join day and night and one day come up with a one time vaccination.

Don’t relate it to only a disease. The Reason can be anything. Let me tell you a very real world example. OYO Rooms founder Ritesh Agarwal loves to travel and when he used to travel he always found one problem and that is finding a good hotel because there are hotels all around but quality of service matters the most. So he analyzed the problem with the hotel systems and decided to built his own Hotel hospitality Company at the age of 17 which is later known as the OYO rooms which now spread in a outstanding quality that it cover more hotels then the Taj group of hotels! And that boy net worth is in more than 100’s of crores!..today and the is just 24 now.

Well that is the thing, if you really set a goal it is impossible that it doesn’t contain a reason and if it does not have one then it is not a goal, If there is no reason for what you have set then you cannot call it a goal then will just call it a checklist.

And remember Money is never the true reason. Money should be the second priority. If you just want to earn money and don’t want to solve an existing problem then sorry to say you will die poor.

2. Obsession

When i told somebody to do what you love to do and listen to your heart and follow your passion they always come back to me with the same reply which is quite good and accurate for sure. The question they ask to me is that

–  I don’t know how to listen to my heart. what the hell you are talking about Parteek?

Answer –  When you can do a work 24/7 without being tired and any complaint from your inner sense then that’s your work. Go for it.

When you love what you do then you don’t care about food or sleep that much you just want to keep going and just doing your best in it and automatically the success will become by product.

When i say obsession i simply means that undying desire to change something and replace it with the best you can do. Because i never saw any successful person biography in which he told i love to eat and sleep more then doing what i am really obsessed about.

Obsession and reason are two sides of one coin. suppose if you saw a poor child who lost his eyes and it dig your heart and you decided that your end goal is to stop the vision loss and other disease which causes blindness. And you start working day and night without caring of anything then you are the next great.

3. Practice and patience 

practice is the uppermost priority one should know and patience is another side of it and both are very significant  role players. If you love what you do then you will never get tired of practice and keep one thing is mind that no one is perfect. I remember a statement of my teacher, a day she was delivering a speech in the class and she said “The person you admire the most is not become that person in a day , it took sleepless nights and sometimes empty stomach to be where he is today”. And do remember Rome was not built in a day so perseverance is highly required.

4. Refuse to give up

There are so many people saying that they will become successful because they have the best team out there with them and they have the bets knowledge so they will became successful , well in this case let me tell you its not necessary because what great minds have in common is They refuse to give up everytime someone tried to push them back they refuse to give up , everytime when someone gave them a wound they refuse to give up and everytime they fell like to give up then they Refuse to give up.

That Never giving up quality after every setback and wound is very rare in people so be that rare one to make your mark upon this universe.


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What Should Be A Goal For You In Real Sense
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