5 Most Promising Mobile Brands In The Market


Mobile phone is a thing most common in today’s world. It is as essential as food and water for some people nowadays. So today we bring the list of most promising mobile phone brands in today’s date, specially for you. So here we go…..

1. Samsung Mobiles

The Korean giants are one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers and sellers all over the world. They design and manufacture one of the most high end devices available in the market today. They are now set to launch their new devices i.e., the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ which have completely stunning looks, amazing designs and mind blowing features that include an iris scanner and the latest snapdragon 835 processor. These mobile phones are already set to take the mobile market by storm.


2. Apple Inc.


Apple is the brand with millions of fans worldwide. They always keep up with expectations of their fans by their mobile phone’s design and performance. I personally sometimes think how they manage to optimize their software i.e., iOS to run so smoothly on such less RAM. Maybe their self made chipset is the key. Moving further, their latest available mobile phones in the market are iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus which flaunt their designs and apple’s new colours jet black and matte black.


3. Xiaomi Mobiles


These Chinese tech giants have completely took the Asian mobile market by storm especially in India and China. They have a record breaking sales of their mobile phones in the least time i.e., 2.11 million units in just 24 hours. They nowadays are focusing more on budget phones as they seem to be more in demand nowadays. However there are leaks of their new flagship Mi6. They also released an almost bazel less device i.e., Mi Mix which looks something more than beautiful.


4. Oneplus Mobiles


Oneplus had a really successful start with their true flagship killer device i.e., Oneplus One. It was the best device at the time of launch and every tech enthusiast had a dream of owning it. It provided the users with the best features in a very affordable price. They very well commit to their tagline “NEVER SETTLE” as they still continue to provide the phones, best in design as well as features. Their latest mobile phone available in the market is the Oneplus 3T that is going great with a huge 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 821 processor from the house of Qualcomm. It has got many awards from many Tech reviewers.


5. Google Mobile


After discontinuing the Nexus series, Google started designing the mobiles that are fully by themselves. The Pixel and Pixel XL were awarded the best mobile phones of the year 2016. They had a world class, premium design and a the great Android OS that is developed by Google Inc. themselves. These phones are dream phones for every tech enthusiast out there today(including me). They already have received the Android O developer preview which is currently not available for any other brand. They also provided the most unique colour out there i.e., blue.


So, these 5 brands according to us are the most promising mobile phone brands and we hope we get to add more brands here and also hope these brands would continue to surprise us with their new innovations.


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