Something About The World War 3 Hype…

World War 3 is a thing getting a certain hype these days. It may be a distant possibility but it is certainly not impossible, considering the growing tensions among countries.

World War 3

While the images of the World War 2 continue to haunt scores of people across the world, there are many who believe that the little peace of today may not last long — World War 3, they believe, cannot be stopped. And there are several reasons also.

A World War in the age of internet may end up causing unprecedented psychological damage to those who may survive. Yet this doesn’t stop people’s curiosity about the prospects of the World War 3.

The internet is full of rumors, ‘news reports’, opinions and analysis about the World War 3. Not only this, it is now also one of the top trending searches. Google search throws up over 1,25,00,000 results in 0.33 seconds if you type in ‘world war 3’.

There are scores of ‘reports’ that claim that World War 3 is certain. Some even say that it is ‘guaranteed.’

Consider some of these headlines:

World War 3 Update: Russia Launches Nuclear Missiles for US?

Pentagon: World War III ‘almost guaranteed’, will be fast and lethal

World War 3: Russia, India Working Together Against US, Europe?

WW3 fears: Russian TV warns citizens to find nearest bomb shelter

World War 3

How real are these claims? War mongering is not a good thing. But at a time when nations are forming new alliances, old tie-ups are under suspicion, and even after over two decades of a world without any cold war, US-Russia relationships are tensed.

Some reports say the World War 3 fears reached a new level after Russia recently launched nuclear Topol missile, which is claimed to be the fastest in the world, and moved it closer to Nato member states.

Several reports have also said about what would be the nature of World War 3. The Sun reports US Army generals and other “leading figures” laying out “depressing forecasts” for upcoming conflicts. It quotes a report by Defense One in which Major General William Hiz says: “A conventional conflict in the near future will be extremely lethal and fast, and we will not own the stopwatch.”

The world may escape a global war. However, the possibility of another cold war cannot be denied. The one has already started between India and Pakistan. The another is brewing between the US and Russia.

Sean O’Grady writes on the that there is “much evidence” that the world war 3 has already arrived, but not in the way it has been “imagined” in past.

However, he says, there is an “immediate danger of Cold War 2, more than a “hot” World War 3. Reason: “The US-Russia relationship is on a pivot between progress and failure, more so than at any time since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Also unsteady are America’s and Russia’s respective relations with China, which, as has been true since the Sino-Soviet split in 1961 and Richard Nixon’s historic visit in 1972”, he says.

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