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A Quick Guide To Grow A Healthy Beard 100% Naturally

It doesn’t matter who can understood it or not but the reality is a beard is the true ornament of a man. And who doesn’t want a healthy beard.

( NOTE – If Any guy say to you that you should trim your beard then just look at his face, you will understand the whole story. ha ha ha … of course brother its jealousy) So grow your beard respectfully and with dedication because very soon with its growth, it’s going to be one of your weapon.

So Here are the tips that how you can grow a healthy beard

1.  Take sufficient sleep – Believe it or not but sleep directly links to your beard growth and let me tell you how. When your body doesn’t get sufficient rest then it directly links to decrease in protein synthesis which make the body g through hormonal disturbance. A study was conducted which proves that men who doesn’t take enough time of sleep faces 19% less beard growth. So it’s good right. You have to sleep to get something amazing so hurry up …ooops! take a deep sleep.

2. Wash your Face With hot or lukewarm water – So you got from your bed right after taking a deep sleep so now follow the next step and that is washing your face with Lukewarm or hot water. well before starting i want to talk on a FAQ realting to this. Some people says its a myth that washing your face with hot water open the skin pores and washing it wiht cold water closes the skin pores so the actual science behind it was your face doesn not have muscle to open or close so don’t think about that open or close funda. So the actual benifit of washing your face with hot or lukewarm water is that when you washes your face with lukewarm water its get your face read of the oil and unwanted dirt on your face which makes your skin healthy and make a good start for a facial hair to grow fast.

3. It’s time for the oiling – Washed your faced with lukewarm water? So now follow the next and a very important procedure and that is oiling. Yes, oiling is very essential part of grooming and it helps in the most powerful manner for a beard to grow. well before starting it lets discuss a FAQ here. Many people ask that does “Market” beard oil really helps your beard to grow? Well the answer is NO dear brothers. The real benefit of market beard oil is they keep your skin moisturize and it helps your to nourish your beard so it can look shiny and it makes the hair root strength good and it helps to maintain the beard so it will not look clumsy. So using the market beard oil is also a recommendation by me because majority of the beard oil also has a very good aroma which is important at the same time.

So get back to the topic. After washing your face with hot or lukewarm water towel dry it completely and make sure your beard is dry completely before applying the oil. Here in the morning i recommend you to use the market beard oil and the reason is their aroma. well they also got the ingredients which are required in it but along with it their aroma is the reason why i am saying to use the market beard oil in the morning. Some best market beard oil for beard nourishment are Ustraa Beard Oil by happily unmarried and Beardo beard oil etc. The main fact that why it holds a good smell and nourishment material is because they are mixture of both essential and carrier oils. So a oil with good smell will not even irritate you and not irritate others too.

4. At the night – So you go through a rough and tough day of winters or summers now its night time you are going to sleep but for a beard its always a growth time and night time is the growth time of your body so before 1 hour of sleep again wash your face and beard with lukewarm water and dry it gently. After that , apply the mixtures of two oil . You can mix Castor oil with olive oil and the both quantity should be half spoon. Or you can also use coconut oil and castor oil. because these are one of the best oils for best beard growth.

So after taking half spoons of both the oil mix them and rub it on your hand for 15 seconds to make it little warm and then apply it on your beard scalps. Always remember whenever you apply these oil always rub the oil on your beard scalp and skin and not on your beard because for beard good looks you already did it in morning now it’s time for some the real growth so apply it where it needs to be and that is your beard scalp and skin.

5. Your diet – A good beard requires good diet and for it make sure whatever you eat in a day should keep at least good amount of vitamin B and E which is very good for both facial hairs and hairs on your head.

6. Patience – You are following all these procedures and with it keep one thing in mind that patience is the key to achieve a goal and if you take your beard seriously then it will take you seriously also so do not trim or shave your beard because  growth takes time and if you have patience then the wait will be worth.

Follow the same procedure Daily and in the reward of this daily schedule you will get a manly look with a lion style.

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A Quick Guide To Grow A Healthy Beard 100% Naturally
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1 Comment


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