problem With A Rough Beard? Here’s How To Make It Soft

rough beard

Do you have a rough beard? Was it rough from the beginning? Can it be soft ? There are lots and lots more question someone asked you or you asked to someone while having a good beard but rough one. So here are the reasons which makes your beard rough and the tips by which you can make your rough beard soft.

Reason why you have a rough beard.

1.  Not Using beard Oil – This is one of the main reason that why your beard is rough and itchy.

2. No Combing – If you are not combing your beard properly or not even combing it then you will get a tangled beard which will vanish it’s whole classy level and make it look like a completely non-social.

3. Using Hair dryer –  This is one of the vital reason which makes your beard rough. After going out from a shower if you use your dryer on your beard and specially if it’s on the hot air mode then it will not only make your beard rough within time but also will make your beard very thin and will destroy it all over growth. So using a dryer on beard is highly NOT recommended.


TOP tips by which you can make your beard Soft Again

rough beard

Making your beard soft again is not that much hardworking. You just need following written routine to follow.


1. Use a good quality beard conditioner – Using a quality beard conditioner is very much important and the one main reason behind it is that using a quality beard conditioner which is rich in vitamin E will not only soften your beard but will also nourishes your beard roots. And make it softer and stronger than ever before.

2. Applying Beard Oil – Again undoubtedly this tip is on the top of the list because applying a beard oil nourishes your beard roots and manage them from outside and after applying a beard oil you should use a comb to untangle the beard at last.

3. Wash your face the next time –  Suppose you applied a beard oil and at the night time you are again going to apply it, so before applying it wash your beard with luke warm water so it will make your beard rid of the remaining dust and will rinse out the earlier applied oil. If you don’t do this then it will make your beard worse in a week time or before because you are not rinsing the previous applied oil and applying the new one again on it so it will damage your beard n the long term.

These are the top tips by which you can make your rough beard soft again with 100% results.

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